Dronesmiths Live Hacking at LVMMF2016

Dronesmith Technologies is a local robotics startup that specializes in creating drone hardware and software tools to facilitate drone application development. Our mission is to foster innovation by giving makers, inventors, and innovators the hardware and software tools to funnel their passion and creativity into real-world solutions.

Currently, the existing drone market is hobby-centric, focusing primarily on videography, photography, and racing. At Dronesmith Technologies we believe that as the drone industry matures makers will help shape the future in many vital industries. Specifically, that the makers behind the development of drone applications will lead the next revolution in robotics from anywhere through IoT devices to search-and-rescue to hospitality services. As such, we strive to create dronesmiths; those who create drones and their applications to help carry us into tomorrow.


At this year’s annual Maker Faire, we will debuting our one-of-a-kind flight controller, Luci. Luci features a unique co-processing system with an Intel Edison that makes it easy for both makers and hackers alike to create and expand applications in which drones are used. We will be showcasing a live, real-time hackathon with Luci at our booth. The Dronesmith team is looking forward to sharing our passion for making with fellow makers and future dronesmiths.

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