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More Video from LVMMF 2016

Here’s a quick walkthrough video from our friend Bob Henze who showed his Art Car, Sebastian, at the Faire.

LVMMF 2016 Video from

Mini Maker Faire Feeds Creativity to the Masses

LVMMF 2016!

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LVMMF 2016 Video Walk Through

Here’s a walk through video of our event from Sunday (28th). Thank you to Kee Choi for letting us use it! If you didn’t make it there, here’s some of what you missed.

Art Cars in the Maker Faire Parking Lot!

Come see the gigantic Mr. Fusion, the car called Sebastian, some mind breaker bikes (we dare you to ride them!), Sammy, the silver fish, a 1965 Mustang Fastback electric car, and “… a fun-size Mad Max vehicle constructed for Wasteland Weekend 2015, for the diminutive, post-apocalyptic marauder on a budget. Built from sweat, tears and poor decisions, it is a knockoff Chinese power wheels with a 3hp harbor freight gas engine.
Ride into Valhalla, TINY AND CHROME!” Source: Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Club